The Magic Book Club

Ihr wollt (mehr) auf Englisch lesen? Dann lest mit uns in entspannter Atmosphäre in phantastischen und magischen Welten...

Would you like to read (more) in English? Come and join our group of young people who can't get enough of magic, fantasy, and imaginary worlds! We will meet in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss selected books. You can choose if you like to read the book in English or German, but the discussion will be in English. Grammar and vocabulary are discussed along the way where needed. The aim is for everyone to have a good time together and chat about something we all find interesting.

The first book we're reading is "A Deadly Education" by Naomi Novik. Please get your own copy from the library or a bookshop and read it before our first class.

The next books we read will be chosen by you - so if there is a book you would love to read, you are invited to present it shortly at the first meeting.

Der Kurs richtet sich an Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene ab etwa der 9. Klasse, die ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse verbessern möchten.

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Der Kurs findet statt im Bildungszentrum Einsteinstraße 28 der Münchner Volkshochschule (direkt am Max-Weber-Platz). Rückfragen gerne an

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